Delivery Boy Arrested in Karachi for Robbing People by Hiding Gun in Food Delivery Bag

Ever ordered food really late at night? This event might make you shudder and rethink that decision. Police on Tuesday claimed to have arrested a person involved in looting people in the guise of a delivery boy of online food service.

According to details, the police carried out a raid in the Ferozeabad area of the city to arrest a man named Abdul Rauf over his alleged involvement in numerous street crime activities. The police recovered the uniform of an online food delivery service, a bag and a weapon from his possession.

Sharing the modus operandi of the accused, SSP West Sajid Sadozai said that he used to ring doorbells of houses in Karachi in the guise of a delivery boy of online food service.

“He along with his other accomplices used to deprive citizens of their belongings as they open door to receive delivery of the foodstuff,” he said adding that the accused had admitted his role in 21 street crimes in the city.

In a statement given to the police, the accused said that it was his first criminal act as he was in dire need of money. “I became part of an online food supply company 10 days back,” he said.

Abdul Rauf said that he had purchased the weapon used in the criminal acts in 2011 and used to carry it in a food box, making it easy for him to evade police checking. “The police usually do not stop food delivery boys,” he said.

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The police said that they are further investigating the accused and are searching for the other suspects in the case.

Not to cause panic or hysteria, but this surely makes us want to rethink our food deliveries after midnight, haha!

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