Danish Slaps Shahwar and It’s Just What the Internet Had Been Waiting For!

We’re kind of, somewhat, a little bit obsessed with the show (not that you can tell, haha!) Meray Pass Tum Ho! When the latest episode, Episode 15, was playing and for the umpteenth time, Danish refers to Shahwar as “Shahwar Sahab”, it made us wonder how he could turn to his wife and call her a “2 takkay ki aurat” but not have any contempt for the man that she wore the pink nightie for?!

But then it happened, and it seemed like the director and writer had been reading all those Instagram comments left behind by followers that suggested all kinds of violent behaviour – and maybe they turned it down and put it together in one episode. But let’s walk you through it. Danish storms the Conference room where Shahwar is holding a meeting about the drop in his company’s shares value (they keep hinting at this too much. Are the 10 lac that Danish got from selling his flat going to be used up to buy shares in Shahwar Chemicals? I guess we’ll see). Anyway, coming back to the story. He storms in and locks the door behind him. And goes on to slap, thrash, and make Shahwar bleed through the nose. Oh, and that patronizing and rather humiliating “fix the tie” move was just the cherry on top.

While some are saying that this reaction from Danish was completely out of character, we say what’s a man to do when he’s got nothing to lose?

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