Nida Yasir’s Idea of Social Distancing is Hosting a 4 Day Makeup Competition on her Morning Show

In a time where social distancing and self isolation is being advised to everyone due to the very scary Coronavirus, there are people like Nida Yasir who not only exist, but also have an entire show that is seen by millions. 

The hosts most recent antics involve holding a makeup competition with 20 people on stage at a time, not including the live audience and filming crew. Not a single person was wearing gloves, or masks, or taking any kind of precaution that could literally save lives.

There was one female individual who has hand feeding snacks to all the competitors, once again with no gloves or any sense of basic hygeine.

The male judge then proceeded to touch the faces of all the models to point out certain things about the looks, which could’ve very well been done without any touching necessary. 

Nida Yasir even went on to trivialize the virus that has claimed the lives of thousands and has spread all over the world, displaying her immense stupidity.

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Is PEMRA sleeping? How are such irresponsible antics allowed on national television without reprecussions in such a delicate and crucial time for Pakistan in regards to the novel coronavirus? 

It’s about time Nida Yasir’s show was cancelled and there is no better or more valid reason than this badly thougt of and ill timed makeup competition. 

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