Know the Philosophy Behind Taher Shah’s Song “Farishta”? We do!

He came, he sang, he conquered. Taher Shah became some kind of a legend for the people of Pakistan, and had us waiting anxiously for his upcoming song. And while he kept us waiting for years, the fact that the video DID NOT include Taher Shah himself, instead some strange animation of a child in a garden picking roses (don’t forget the unicorn that flew overhead) – the whole experience was like a bad trip.

It took only 1o seconds for us to realise that this new song “Farishta” was just an Urdu translation of his previous song “Angel”. And while so many have dismissed the song rightaway, Taher Shah has felt the need to defend his song. Therefore, he took to social media to explain the philosophy behind his new masterpiece.

“The philosophy of the song Farishta is that children are like angels,” wrote Shah. “Angels are sacred so we can righteously equate them with angels. These little individual are the essential component of our life.”

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The singer added the kid’s personality resembles his own son and that he has dedicated this video to him and all children in the world.


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