Esra Bilgiç Called Out Priyanka Chopra for Her War Mongering Ways

Before Halime Sultan aka Esra Bilgiç was being unnecessarily shamed by Pakistanis for her clothing choices, she was calling out Priyanka Chopra for rooting for war while being a UN ambassador.

If people already weren’t in love with the Turkish actress for her role in Drilis Ertugul, they sure will be now for saying what everyone was thinking in regards to PC trying to pass off her war mongering comments as being ‘patriotic’.

Barely any celebrities spoke out against PC after her silly comments, which makes us admire Esra Bilgic all the more for voicing her opinion about the entire situation and lobbying for peace, not war, while she was at it.

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Can Pakistani men stop shaming her for her clothes now and instead admire the traits that make her a better person than most of us? Please and thank you.

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