Following Karachi, Lahore Expo Centre Converted Into Temporary Isolation Centre

With the rise in COVID 19 cases in Pakistan, temporary hospitals and isolation centers are being set up all over the country. Health Minister of Punjab, Dr Yasmin Rashid announced that the Lahore Expo Centre would also serve as a Temporary Isolation Centre and Triage centre during this crisis.

This temporary hospital will contain a 1000 bed isolation ward and a staff of 1900 people. Rescue 1122 and Mayo Hospital will jointly run this centre. Rescue 1122 will overlook the Triage Centre, where they will assess the severity of cases and upon this decide whether patients need to be sent to hospitals or the isolation ward. CEO of Mayo Hospital will supervise treatment, quarantine and the Triage Centre. It will also serve as a research centre for doctors for new treatments for the virus.

Currently, A 300 bed ward is in use and once occupied another 300 bed ward will be opened. The centre has 35 ventilators and staff is undergoing training of patient management. 

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Recently, the Sindh government also established a similar hospital at the Expo centre in Karachi.

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