Financial Inclusion and Woman Empowerment Panel at Karachi Lit Fest Did Not Include A Single Woman

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The Karachi Literature Festival, which is taking place this weekend, is going to be full of discussions on a wide range of topics such as Education in Pakistan: A Roller Coaster Ride, and the Story of Qawalli, to name a few.

Another talk titled ‘Financial Inclusion and Woman Empowerment’, hosted a panel which was exclusively male. Yep. A talk about WOMEN empowerment did not include a single female in the entire panel of speakers. Even the host is a man! And twitter had thoughts:

Not only that, KLF also plans on hosting a talk about student activism without a single student representative from Sindh who successfully pressued the Sindh government towards a legislation on Student union bills:

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As of now, the panel titled ‘Financial Inclusion and Women Empowerment’ has made room for one woman, Ayesha Aziz, after the intense backlash from women and men all over Pakistan. A step in the right direction, sure, but not enough.

Will you be attending KLF 2020? Or has the festival lost the plot?


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