Muhammad Jibran Nasir Thinks Dirilis Ertugrul Will Create an Identity Crisis in Pakistan

Dirilis Erugrul, a Turkish series, has been welcomed to Pakistan’s tv channel (PTV) after being dubbed in Urdu. The series has been well received by the public, as well as celebrities who have sung praises of the show. Despite its roaring success, it has raised a few concers, especially by social activist turned politician, Muhammad Jibran Nasir. He believes that the show will spark yet another identity crisis within Pakistan.

Taking to Twitter, Nasir wrote: “We’ve many beautiful cultures in Pak[istan] but many still face a identity crisis which is also seen in our diaspora.” He went on to add, “Being ourselves often causes “Goras” to confuse us as Indians due to our similarities, so we mimicked Arabs tracing our roots to Bin Qasim. Now we’re trying being Turks.”

Looking back at all those “Al-Bakistan” number plates that were an obvious reflection of the Arab cultural invasion in Pakistan, it now looks like we might be swayed too much by the Turks.

Despite his opinions, the public took to Twitter to reject his opinions. While some said that it was better to watch this Turkish series that glorified the days of a Muslim empire than to watch Bollywood and Hollywood actors, others suggested that Jibran Nasir celebrate the show for its work and not disregard it with such criticism.

The series depicts the pre-history of the Ottoman Empire, chronicling around the plight of the nomadic Kayi Oghuz Turkic tribe, led by Ertugrul, the father of Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire.

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