Did Maulana Tariq Jameel Really Blame Immodest Women for Coronavirus? Here Are the Facts

Esteemed Islamic scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel made an appearance during the live telethon held by PM Imran Khan to raise money towards Coronavirus, during which the Maulana made a sermon followed by a dua. And people are not happy.

The Maulana discussed the four points the Holy Prophet SAW hoped would be adopted by his people to make them successful in this life, as well as the hereafter. The first and second points were to always speak the truth, even if it costs you your life and to never betray anyone.

The third point, which has caused some controversy, according to Maulana Jameel is ‘Ikhlaaq’. ” Teesra unho ne (Prophet PBUH) farmaya, apne Ikhlaaq achay rakhna. Aur ikhlaaq ka sabse ooncha maqaam haya hai.” He continued, ” Meri des ki betiyo ko kaun nacha raha hai? Unke kapray, libaas mukhtasir kaun karwa raha hai?” “Jab musalman ki beti behayi ki taraf chal paray, nawjawan behayi ki taraf chal parein, toh Allah ki rehmat…” The Maulana continued on to give the example of Qaum-e-Loot and how their immodesty brought not one but 5 curses on them, and talked about how the youth of today has strayed from the way of the Holy Prophet PBUH, especially the youths of private schools.

The final point was ‘Rizq-e-Hilaal’, which means earn and spend what you make honestly and with integrity.

While the Maulana has not directly put the blame of the novel Coronavirus on women and their immodesty, people were not pleased with the way he worded some of his points:

While others defended the Maulana:

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Watch the full video below and form your own opinion:

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