Ali Josh is Set to Star in Khalil ur Rehman’s New Movie as the Main Lead

From being into fitness, to being a great dancer that can pull off some moves to put “Hritik Roshan” to shame, to being a stellar actor that already has 5 amazing drama performances under his belt, he is now working as the main lead, “the hero”. Here’s all that we know:

But before we go further, here’s a fun video of Ali Josh competing in an exercise face off with our very own Zarminay Haq:



Ali Josh gained popularity from his role as “Saad” in drama serial “Khan” where he impressed the viewers by his acting prowess. Currently, he’s working on Khalil ur Rehman’s upcoming movie as the main lead. The script is currently named “Main Hu Teri Gulnaz” which is a period film of 1947. Ali Josh is set to play the role of a Sardar who falls in love with a woman and eventually finds God in the process. We for one, can’t wait to see this movie on screens all over Pakistan.



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