Are Guy BFFS better than Girl BFFS?

I do not discriminate when it comes to friends. Whether you’re a cricket watching, bearded buffoon or an over dramatic, H to T pink wearing nightmare, if you’re a good friend, I will always have your back. But unfortunately, in my 26 years of life ( I’m not old, you are), I have learned, that sometimes, guys are just so much easier to have around. This in no way means that I can imagine my life without my girlfriends, absolutely not. Guys are good for a lot of things but who am I going to ask to help me match my foundation to my neck, a male who doesn’t know foundation from a horse’s ass, or my sister from anotha mister, who knows that blue+green veins in my wrists mean that I am a neutral undertone( so much science) and therefore need to buy a shade accordingly?

What I’m about to say does not in any way imply to every female friend I’ve ever had, so keyboard warriors, please take a breather, go attack a celebrity wearing sleeveless or whatever it is that has offended you today and leave me alone, but in my personal experience, I have discovered that guys make better bffs than girls. Girls, the ones I’ve had the misfortune of knowing, can be really twisted at times. From hitting on your boyfriend/husband, to being major chugal khors and just downers in general, they lack that wholesome, no bullshit quality that guys have. A guy friend has a problem with you? It’s NO problem because he will just give it to you straight and you can talk it out and move on with life. A girlfriend has a problem with you and it’s the end of the damn world. First of all, she won’t tell you that she’s pissed. She will tell 6 other friends first about how you’ve betrayed her and yada yada yada, but the one she has a problem with, you, will have no clue what the heck is even going on. It’s like they’re flames to a moth, the flame being dramadramadrama and the moth being your crazy lady friend.

ALLAH NA KARAY you get stranded at 2AM on the motorway or in some shady farmhouse in Bedian ( What were you doing there in the first place hmm? Haram I say!) , who you gonna call? Your bro, your jigger, your yaar Ibrahim, who is going to show up with a spare tire even though that’s not why you’re stranded at all, or the girl you consider your BFFFFFFF, who’s going to answer the phone and tell you how her in laws or her parents or whatever don’t let her out after a certain time and she’s sooooo sorry but have you tried calling the motorway police? “Chalo mei tmhe number whatsapp karti hu google karke ok don’t worry”. Um Shagufta I know how to use google, but thanks I guess?

Another thing I love about my  guy friends is that they don’t sugarcoat. If you’ve got cake face, they will rip you a new one by making soooo much fun of you that you’ll have to redo your makeup, which is a GOOD thing because they’re saving your from looking like Pennywise from IT in public. If they think your boyfriend is a douche, they will let you know the minute they meet him. If you discuss your relationship problems with them and you’re the one in the wrong, they will tell you to your face that you’re being a bitch and need to go apologize to your mom/boyfriend/sister/bff ASAP. Girls on the other hand have the tendency to pump you up for a fight, even when one isn’t needed. ” Wo apne ap ko samjhta kya hai? You need to show him his place warna sarh par he charhta jayega ,abhi phone karke sunao usko!” And all the poor guy would’ve done is declined your call while he’s in a meeting. HIMMAT DEKHO USKI.

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Guys are great, girls are great, but society won’t thrash you for constantly hanging out with toxic people of the same gender. They will chew you up and spit you out ONLY if you hang out with your guy friends, that too in the name of religion. You’ll be called a slut, a besharam, a lover of na-mehrams and a colourful array of other things, but that won’t change the fact that the guys you know are better friends to you than the chicks. It is what it is, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles, at least for me. What is your gender preference when it comes to BFFS? Are you a guy’s gal or are you all about that sisterly love? Sound off in the comments below.


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