Anoushey Ashraf & Her Nephew, Armaan, are Ringing in the New Year by Raising Funds for Children at an Orphanage

They say a good deed never goes unrewarded – and especially those that come from someone as giving and beautiful (inside and out) as the ever lovely Anoushey Ashraf. While most of you might be at a loss for what to do for New Year’s Eve, Anoushey Ashraf decided to bid farewell to the year 2020, and ring in the new year by spreading the gift of joy.

Here’s what inspired her to start this donation drive to buy toys for the orphans:
“Took my nephew Armaan to shop at @bachaa_party the other day. Came out to put ALL his toys in the car when a child exactly around his age came to the car selling little pens. His clothes were torn and he needed a solid scrub. He looked at Armaan’s toys longingly and I think my heart broke. A hundred times over. Why was one child blessed with so much and the other with so little?
They’re both children. And they both have a right to endless love, toys and education. This scenario made me very very sad. And that’s when I realised that I’d do my small bit to help.
Not everything needs to be on social media, but today, I need your help just a little bit.
I decided, there and then that in Armaan’s name I’d like to host a little donations drive so I can, along with your help collect around 100,000 rupees over the next few days with which I can buy countless toys for the children of Al-Mustafa welfare. This would make their bleak year just a little nicer. Who doesn’t love toys? Which kid doesn’t deserve them?
I immediately contacted Baccha party and they were as excited as me and decided to facilitate to their best ability. Not only did they help me find the right organisation to donate, they got hold of a reliable NGO that has a registered bank account and phone number where YOU can donate generously and every penny will be accounted for. In fact a representative will keep a track till we meet our target and then will accompany me to the toy store to buy the toys and have them delivered. Baccha party is giving me a fantastic discount so I can buy even MORE toys and goodies for these little angels who are in for a surprise!!!! Inshallah, with your help we’ll bring in their 2021 with big smiles. I’ll deliver the toys first week of Jan according to plan! Call the number for any queries, cash pick up/drop etc. Please HELP me get to the said target. No amount is too small. You can also inbox me IF need be (I usually avoid this, but anything for these kids) Together let’s make this drive a success so we can host them every once in a while! For every child is special and deserves happiness in life!”

She started out with the intention of collecting Rs.100,000 for the children, but ended up collecting more than double with Rs.250,000. Yesterday, she took her nephew, Armaan with and together, they bought toys at Baccha Party. Next week, Anoushey and her nephew will head out to the orphanage to distribute the toys to the children at the welfare foundation.

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If this doesn’t melt your heart and give you ideas on how to ring in the new year, we don’t know what will!

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