An Islamic Cleric is Teaching Children, on TV, that the Sun Revolves Around the Earth

Haji Imran Attari is a prominent Islamic Cleric, with several videos of his sermons regularly viewed on Youtube and other portals. He also hosts a televison show in which he educates children about different aspects of Islam.

Recently, the following videos of him have been circulating on social media, in which the cleric claims the Earth is ‘static’, meaning it does not revolve at all. It doesn’t revolve around the Sun, or revolve on it’s own axis:

He said that our ‘Alaa Hazrat’ has proved that the world doesn’t revolve around the Sun and went on to add that students should not follow Science or Geography.

Majority of twitterati pointed out that Haji Imran was spreading misinformation, and the original twitter user who tweeted this video also provided other Islamic clerics agreeing with scientific findings about the Earth not being static at all:

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Clerics who are responsible for teaching children, especially, should be well versed in all forms of knowledge. Questions asked by children should be answered not only backed by scienctific evidence, but also backed by exact Quranic verses or authentic hadith. Silencing children by giving a generic statement should not be allowed, as Islam encourages asking questions and seeking knowledge. All of us, including islamic cleric, need to do better.


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