Amjad Sabri Comes Back to Life in Cold Play’s New Song “Church”

Amjad Sabri, a revered Pakistani Qawwali singer, was taken from us too soon when he was gunned down by extremists simply because they didn’t like what he stood for. But his soulful voice lived on even when his last breath ran out. With his amazing songs such as “Bhar Do Jholi” and “Laal Meri Pat”, Amjad Sabri will forever live on in our hearts through his beautiful qawwalis and now, through Cold Play’s latest song “Church”.

If you’re not a fan of Cold Play then just tune in to listen to Amjad Sabri’s voice in the back. Starting at 0.42 seconds, his voice runs throughout the song in the background and once you hear it, we bet it will bring tears to your eyes.

Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin revealed in an interview that the album is about expressing their own experience and also empathizing with everyone else’s. The theme of his album is ‘we are big family on earth’. “There’s two cool other singers on that one. There’s this guy who was a Pakistani singer called Amjad Sabri. He was sadly murdered by people who didn’t like what he stood for. Then there’s a friend of ours called Norah, who is a guy from Jerusalem. I’m the third-best singer on that track,” he said.

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