Friend or Foe? Are the Akrams and Shoaib Akhtar Feuding?

Hollywood Celebrities aren’t the only ones cracking under the constant lockdown. Our former cricketers and their families are also doing everything under the sun to stay entertained!

Saqlain Mushtaq posted a picture of himself dressed to the nines in a red wig and a full face of makeup, boasting a makeover from his little daughter:


Wasim and Shaniera Akram followed suit and took to Instagram to show their fans what they’re up to while at home:

The couple is wigging out! (Sorry, not sorry)

Shoaib Akhtar took the opportunity and shared his former teammates quarantine antics on his own Instagram, jokingly showing disappointment at what quarantine had done to some people. However, some fans felt Akhtar was throwing shade at his friends and were quick to defend Mushtaq and the Akrams, leading the fast bowler to delete his post.

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Not one to let things slide, Shaniera shared the following picture on Instagram to level the playing field:

Shoaib Akhtar was quick to comment and prove to everyone this was all in good fun:

A big thank you to our celebs for keeping us entertained with their silly antics!

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