200 Year Old Temple Returned to Hindu Community in Balochistan After 72 Years

Pakistan is home to several beautiful temples and sites that originally belonged to the Hindu community in the region. Katas Raj is one such beautiful example (that unfortunately has not been maintained and kept well). Similarly, another such temple in the Zhob district of Balochistan was illegally occupied in 1947 during the mass migration between India and Pakistan.

After 72 years, the temple has been returned to the Hindu community – the ones it rightly belongs to. The temple had been in the possession of one Maulana Allah Dad Kakar, who formally handed it over to a Hindu pandit during a ceremony on 6th February. It is heartwarming to see that Pakistan is taking its steps towards becoming a more tolerant society – one that embraces all its people regardless of religion, caste, sex or colour. The Katarpur corridor that was officially inaugurated on 9th November,2019, is another step in the right direction.

“Today is an important day in the history of Balochistan. This is an example of religious harmony. Maulana Allah Dad, the khateeb of the [local] Jama Masjid, not only supported the decision but also participated as a special guest at the ceremony,” said Deputy Commissioner Talha Saleem said while addressing the crowd.

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“We apologise to the minority community for the delay,” Saleem said, assuring them that the restoration of the temple will also be completed soon. Soon after restoration of the temple is complete, it will be open for worship.

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