About 22 years ago in 1998, an ambitious man with a vision started a small brand that introduced colour into the world of Fabrics. Today, the vision has translated to over 60 stores across Pakistan and 10 stores around the world, offering multiple fashion solutions for every Khaadi customer.

Khaadi connects with its consumers on multiple levels that has made them what they are today. The four core strengths for Khaadi are Colour Explosion, Design Philosophy, Fashion, and Retail Experience, which make them stand out and a forever favorite for their consumers.

Khaadi is an affordable, relevant and a relatable brand.

Colour Explosion is the first thing that comes it your mind when you think about Khaadi. They brought vibrant bold colours to fabric and made us look at the colour wheel again in a more elaborate way. Colour is a way to expresses oneself, it’s like an emotion for us and a feeling that Khaadi expresses the best.

Design Philosophy of Khaadi is inspired by Pakistani and global heritage, which is translated and reflected in the products that are available in stores for the customers. The product range at Khaadi consists of a huge variety which highlights the Khaadi aesthetic. We can absolutely define Khaadi as a lifestyle brand.

Fashion has been evolving through time, and Khaadi is a brand that has been spot on with the trends. They speak fashion and design through their product, and they are aware of their customer needs. The fashion they offer has a balance of modern and tradition, a perfect reflection of fashion fusion.

Retail Experience is at the core of Khaadi’s heart, reflective in its stores. You feel invited when you walk into a Khaadi store, there is something that is magical, and welcoming about the store. Every new store that Khaadi opens has always surprised us and I believe this is something they will continue doing.

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