Survival Kit for PLBW ’19

One of the most anticipated events of the year, Fashion week is bound to be prey to minor mishaps in the form of dead cellphones or lack of network signals. Here’s a list of things to keep at hand to help you deal with the high stress, high adrenaline situation that is fashion week .


A Power Bank


Your phones battery is bound to run out with all the selfies and pictures of the runway youll be taking . Be smart, keep a power bank at hand to make sure you successfully record every look and every second of your experience.


A Wi-fi Device



The locations of these events always end up being somehere where our network coverage goes awry. To avoid being stuck in the stoneage, bring a handheld wifi device and make sure it’s fully charged!



Not just for fashion week, but for life in general water should always be within reach. After watching perfect skinned models walk down the runway, you’ll instinctively want to gulp down liters and liters of water to try and achieve that lit from within glow, just make sure you know all the bathroom locations for later!




First of all, chocolate falls into our survival kit for LIFE, not just fashion week. But in order to keep alert and keep our sugar levels in check (so we can eye all the beautiful details of all the beautiful outfits), chocolate is our savior.


Comfy Shoes


High heels pull any outfit together, this is true, but for fashion week we would suggest you consider a comfier pair. Anyway, the models on the ramp will be wearing enough high heels for all of us combined, so do yourself and your feet a favour and don some cute flats, or at least some fun platforms.


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Most of us carry a bottle of perfume with us in any case but when sitting in packed rows it is especially important to smell nice. Spritz on your favourite perfume in intervals to leave the people sitting around you wondering what perfume you wear and how good you smell.



Fresh breath is important, and chances are you didn’t get to eat all day prepping for the event, which means your breath may not have the most pleasant of smells. Keeping gum or a breath mint in your little black bag will save not only you, but every single person you talk to, from a sensory disaster.


A friend

It is of utmost importance to take someone with you who you can have a laugh with. In such an uptight and intense atmosphere, you need someone who can lighten the mood and of course, dissect the beautiful clothes you’re about to see on the runway.


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