Contemporary Lehnga Trends To Break Away From Traditional Red!

floral lehnga

Recently we’ve seen an increasing trend of modern day brides getting over the typical red look and embracing refreshing and vibrant colours to add drama to their wedding.


Outdoor mehendis and daylight setups have become such trendy and are absolutely loved by people. The more we step into the wedding world, we see a new and ravishing theme every day. People love to play with different colours and match their outfits with the décor.

Opting for a floral lehenga on such a special occasion exudes a contemporary and colorful charm. As the brides effortlessly carry their look, the floral motifs and the mixture of bracing colors in the design add so much energy and vibe to the atmosphere. The dress, the setup, and the couple look just sync so well radiating grace and confidence.

Wear Your Greens

When it comes to green, brides mostly go for bottle green and deep shades of green signifying a more bold and classy look. Some use references, and take inspiration from other trendy designs to make their own favorite lehenga while some add their personal touch by customizing the designs in their own way and blending it well for the perfect fit. Bold green represents class and royal elegance.

Brides certainly know what suits them the best and so their look defines their personality and the choices they make symbolizing confidence. From Pastel hues of greens to darker ones, brides often go for contrast by styling green lehenga with pink dupatta which flourishes their look even more as both the shades blend very well together.

Creamy gold

Some brides like to incorporate heritage and traditional embroidery on their lehengas so go for mid-tone colours like creamish gold and beige to enhance the design and make it look more beautiful. Golden colors also exude grace and modern elegance, and recently such colors have been opted by celebrities like Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif on their wedding occasion. Their looks inspired many and so keeping up with the trend, some brides style it with heavy jewellery to have a more royal look while some opt for light jewellery embracing decency and simplicity.

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As weddings have now become an intimate affair and there are a variety of designs and changing trends, brides now have the space to choose from whatever they desire. White is the most preferred and chosen color for a perfect nikkah look in recent times. People now mostly have outdoor and daylight nikkah functions so to have a classy and aesthetic function, the theme is all white. Wearing sunglasses in daylight events is also a thing now which adds more drama and vibe to the atmosphere.

Brides who are into pastel colors and like simple and decent looks opt for white. It has mostly been observed that Asian brides like to wear white for their mehendi or haldi rasam day to keep it light and enjoy the day.

In modern times, people have more exposure now and like to hop onto changing trends. With increasing designer collections and customization available, people like to experiment with new colors and style different looks that make them feel comfortable in their own skin.

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