Celebrity Showstoppers: Overrated or Worth the Hype?

What do they say about too much of a good thing being bad for you?

We love our celebrities. From Ayeza Khan to Fahad Mustafa, we are incredibly proud of the talent that exists in our industries. But what happens when the entertainment industry overflows and starts seeping into the fashion industry? Do the two go hand in hand or should some boundaries remain?

In almost every fashion show in recent times, designers ( apart from a very small handful) have opted for celebrities as their showstoppers. While we understand a showstopper is supposed to do, well, exactly that, STOP the show, we think the celebrity approach has been overplayed a tad bit. In the beginning, when this “trend” started, it was unexpected; it got the reaction needed out of audiences because it was intended to do just that, garner attention. But it was successful only because of the fact that it was rarely done. But now, it feels like celebrities are just a part of the model line up in any given designer’s show. It went from being a wow moment to a bit of a blah moment, and not because we don’t love our celebs, but because it just feels like the norm now for a celebrity to walk for a designer. It lacks the charm it once had, and steals opportunities away from models who are actually doing incredible work and deserve to be recognised. Instead of elevating a model into supermodel status, the showstopper tool is being used for publicity, probably for people who STILL won’t buy the clothes. Fashion shows are a display of FASHION, why would one want to steal attention away from the detail and craftsmanship of the garments and instead just create white noise over a celebrity?

AGAIN, we love our celebrities and we love the energy they bring on the runways, and they have created some iconic fashion moments like Zara Noor Abbas’s walk for Funkasia, or Asim Azhar serenading Hania Amir as she walked down the runway, but maybe it’s time we reign in the use of them as showstoppers until it feels special again and makes a bigger impact. After all, what are our gorgeouos supermodels for,no?

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