Almirah’s Campaign Almirah Aur Tum Pays A Tribute To Women From All Walks Of Life

Since the beginning of time, women are celebrated for their resilience, courage, kindness, and their ability to multitask. There is no denying that women can do multitask like a champion. Whether it’s managing the household, building their careers, or raising their children, we all know that women can do it all! However, women tend to forget that there is one other person who requires the same amount of attention and care, and that is women themselves!

This year, Almirah is bringing a unique and one-of-a-kind campaign, Almirah Aur Tum, which is a great reminder for women to prioritize themselves. Unlike other campaigns for women, Almirah Aur Tum takes a distinctive point of view and focuses on the innate power that women already possess. This is a realization for women to own themselves and put themselves first. This exceptional campaign celebrates women from all walks of life. Whether you’re a dedicated mother, a fashionista, a career-focused individual, or someone who is just spreading her wings to fly, Almirah Aur Tum honors them all!

Almirah is a brand that caters to men and women alike, and they understand their role in educating society through stories from everyday life. With Almirah Aur Tum, they have once again proven that their motto is to change the norm by thinking outside the box. The DVC for Almirah Aur Tum is a love letter to women themselves. It’s the heartfelt rendering of the sacrifices and selfless acts of care women do for others. This DVC is a nudge for women to give back to themselves.

Tum say har rang hai, tum say har reet hai

Jab tak tum main tum ho, tab tak sab theek hai



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Almirah Aur Tum has been an incredibly impactful effort by the brand. From influencers to celebrities to professional individuals, all women have joined the bandwagon to celebrate themselves. Actress, host and content creator, Anoushey Ashraf, agrees with the message of Almirah Aur Tum and says that happiness and peace can only come when you prioritize yourself. Therefore, doing what makes you happy is an act of service towards yourself.



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Almirah Aur Tum inspires model, actress, and influencer, Saheefa Jabbar Khattak, to focus on her passions while also fulfilling her responsibilities. She embodies the very essence of the campaign which is to give preference to yourself and what makes you happy.

Similarly, editor-in-chief of People Pakistan and fashionista, Shanzaay Sheikh, lawyer and influencer, Nyla Raja, dentist, content creator and businesswoman, Urooj Fatima, and one of the OG content creators, Hamna Raza shared the DVC of Almirah Aur Tum which reached millions of people. It amplifies the message Almirah had set out to spread among the masses.

One of the most popular illustrator and animator, Areeba Siddique (Oh areeba), gave her own creative twist to the core message of the campaign. Her thoughtful conceptual not only highlights the essence of Almirah Aur Tum, it escalates and intensifies it. Her art subtly hints at the unlimited qualities women possess.


Keeping in line with the newest trends, Almirah also introduced an Instagram filter which helped the brand reach every household, giving the campaign a levitation.

Almirah has been determined to change the narrative and give a clear picture of what women are capable of. They have once again hit the mark with Almirah Aur Tum which has become the talk of the town. This is one brand that not only helps you dress your best but also brings progressive change. To all the women around the country, Almirah Aur Tum wants you to pause and think:

Jasay shauk say chunti ho kapray

Wasay har khushi chuna karo na



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