All About The Bling: Bridal Jewellery

Keepin’ it Real:

Hanif Jewellers

These jewellery moguls always give you a bang for your buck with their decadent

Haroon Sharif Jewellers

If you’re looking for modern cuts, Haroon Sharif is the way to go.

Neemar Jewels

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and Neemar has the kind of carats you need in your life.

Waseem Jewellers

Known for unmatched gold designs, their designs will leave you spoilt for choice.

Staying on Budget

Rema Luxe

The jewels at Rema Luxe stand out because of their one of a kind designs. No two pieces look
the same and that’s why you need them on your big day.

Zah Silber

See Also

With unmatched quality in Jaipur Kundan, who needs real gold when Zah Silber has the next best thing!

Allure by MHT

The jewels may be artificial, but they will leave you looking like a regal queen


Bride or bridesmaid, Beedazzled has something for everyone

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