Spotify Hosts Fans To First Ever Gig In Pakistan Under “Pakka Hit Hai” Flagship At COLABS

Spotify COLABS

Spotify celebrated the launch of the fresh identity of Pakka Hit Hai, the flagship and one of the most loved playlists of the audio streaming service in Pakistan, by inaugurating  Spotify’s first series of musical performances under, ‘Pakka Hit Hai Gigs’ in Pakistan, with the first show featuring Abdul Hannan and Taha G, two of the youngest vocal sensations among many artists who have been featured on the signature playlist.

spotify COLABS

Abdul Hannan and Taha G pumped the crowd at the musical night held in collaboration with COLABS, one of the largest flexible workspaces in Pakistan and a leading platform for events, workshops and conferences. The first act of Pakka Hit Hai Gigs was the perfect collection of energy and musical vibes to celebrate a playlist dedicated to the most trending songs for local audiences.

spotify COLABS

Introduced in July 2022, the love that the Pakka Hit Hai playlist has garnered so far has been unprecedented. With a 90% month-on-month growth in 6 months time span, the platform has redefined the local musical landscape particularly for emerging artists.

spotify COLABS

Since becoming the first pace of Spotify’s Fresh Finds, Abdul Hannan has gone on to deliver exceptional tunes that continue to top charts regularly. Two of his tracks, Bikhra and Iraaday are amongst the most popular melodies on the streaming service, also featuring on the second and third spots on the Pakka Hit Hai playlist. Abdul Hannan himself is the most streamed artist on the hub as well.  Similarly, Taha G, an electro-pop sensation has also risen through the ranks, recently becoming the RADAR featured artist in the country. Together, these two musicians set the perfect stage for Spotify to introduce a new identity for its most exciting playlist, Pakka Hit Hai.

spotify COLABS

“Pakka Hit Hai was launched as a one-stop shop for the most popular tracks locally. It has gone on to become a force that is revolutionizing Pakistan’s musical industry by highlighting fresh talents, tracks and genres that audiences are loving,” said Rutaba Yaqub, Senior Editor for Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh at Spotify. “With the love and attention that it has been receiving, the playlist required a fresher and refined identity that we launched today,” she further added.

The nation’s most beloved anthem, Kahani Suno 2.0 is currently the top song on the Pakka Hit Hai playlist with Asim Azhars Habibi and Sukoon by Hassan & Roshaan, Shae Gill completing the leading five tracks.

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COLABS is one of the largest flexible workspaces in Pakistan and a leading platform for events, workshops and conferences! They are the only venture-backed coworking space in the country, and are focused on building a community of 100,000 entrepreneurs across Pakistan.




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