RBS, Top Performers of Smart Cities and Presidential award received by President Islamic Republic of Pakistan

President Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Royal Business Solutions (RBS) real estate and builders is Pakistan’s one of the leading real estate corporations, which is providing the most excellent and efficient facilities to their clients since 2014. RBS has revolutionized the real estate sector of Pakistan with its constant efforts and hard work. Moreover, RBS has been standing out in front of the other real estate corporations for their usage of advanced technology and for keeping up with international standards. In addition, RBS is also the proud Platinum Sales partner of Capital Smart City due to their excellent commitment and performance in the real estate sector. Capital Smart City, which is one of the most hyped and well-known projects in Pakistan has been consecutively awarding RBS with the title of best performer of the year since 2018.

These are not the only awards that have been received by RBS. In fact, RBS has been honored with the “Best Growing Investment Company” award by the President of Pakistan. This is one of the highest and most prestigious awards for the RBS group. The award ceremony for this title was held at Aiwan-e-Sadar. RBS was awarded this title in the presence of many other real estate corporations. Additionally, multiple other honorable authorities were also present at the venue. The award ceremony was hosted very efficiently by ICCI (Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industries). In the ceremony, the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi himself presented the award to the CEO of RBS Mr. Adeel Riaz. This award has increased the moral of the corporation and provided the reason for RBS to keep their consistency of hard work in the real estate sector.

This award has been received by RBS for their constant dedication toward their clients. RBS has been chosen by many smart and investment societies due to its work ethics and legitimacy of work. Clients are ensured that their investment in the real estate world is secure and beneficial. Apart from that, there are multiple reasons which make RBS stands out in the real estate world. The working attitude of RBS with its clients is commendable among all real estate corporations.

The reasons which make RBS the best-growing investment company, as well as the best performer, include transparency, trustworthiness, and documentation. In addition, one of the qualities which make it stand out from all the other corporations is its transparency.  RBS believes in being completely honest with its clients. They only promise those things which they can provide to their clients. Moreover, they provide the information to the clients based on reality and nothing else. This increases the trust of clients in RBS. Additionally, clients know that they won’t be scammed by the company. In Pakistan, there are many scamming agencies that commit fraud with investors.

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RBS is one of the most trustworthy as well as reliable real estate corporations in Pakistan. They have worked hard for many years to sustain their best performer status. They know the importance of legal practices. Therefore, many advocates are part of RBS, which guides the authority regarding all the legal issues. They also participate in the documentation of real estate documents.

RBS real estate and builders are working with more dedication after the award. They want to keep their best company and performer status. There is a lot of competition in real estate but RBS has ensured that they remain on the radar of the best performers, despite the economic and political instability of Pakistan. This award is the first step for RBS and they hope to keep bringing these achievements.

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