Largest Comet Ever Seen Spotted In The Outer Space | Is It Something To Worry About?


NASA has recently spotted a comet surrounding the Earth at approximately 22,000 miles per hour. The last comet that was spotted was in 2010 and now in 2022. Moreover, the comet that has been spotted recently is said to be double the size of the previous one. Astronomers claim that this is the biggest size that they have ever seen!


The size of nucleus of the comet is 50 times bigger than normal and has a mass of around 500 million tonnes. Furthermore, the width of the nucleus is approximately 85 miles or 137 km wide which is even bigger than the US state of Rhode Island. The size of the comet is too big to worry about but is it too close to us? It has been proven that it is less than two miles away from the Sun and heading this way! Currently, it lies perpendicular to the plane of our solar system. Astrologers claim the closest the comet can get is approximately one billion miles away from the sun and that is not possible before 2031.

Solar system, illustration

A big star has been seen at a record-breaking distance! Although, the astrologers claim it to be not dangerous because it will not be coming closer for another ten years but the danger looms ahead for our future generations!

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