K-Electric Giving Back to Karachi via KHI Awards 2

K-Electric Giving Back to Karachi via KHI Awards 2

K-Electric Celebrating The True Essence Of Karachi

Karachi’s 20 million residents are the heart and soul of this city and the engine that drive K-Electric. Now, it is time that K-Electric gives back to it and its incredible residents. Building on their success from last year with the inaugural KHI Awards, the second edition of KHI Awards by K-Electric is here.

These awards are a love letter to the organizations and people that invest all their efforts into making this city a better place to live, through their work on its development and continued safekeeping for its residents.

“These awards are organized strictly for non-profit organizations that genuinely believe in making a difference in this city, and we are here to honor their efforts.”

The Awards cover over 13 different categories open for application by the head of these firms. Firms are only applicable to apply for a single category in a project, but two categories can be applied for up to two separate projects as an organization. The following categories are included:

  • Education
  • Public Health
  • Uplifting Communities
  • Inclusion
  • Livelihoods and Vocational Training
  • Heritage and Culture
  • Digital Accessibility and Financial Inclusion
  • Sports
  • Safety
  • Sustainability and Environment
  • Empowering Women and
  • Social Service

To play your part and get your firm registered, go to the following link and apply: http://ke.com.pk/KHIAwards.

You can also download the application form from the given link if you’re willing to submit a physical copy.

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Let us come together and celebrate the true essence of Karachi, which thrives on the back of the efforts of these champions. Follow us on our social media accounts and jump into the discussion using the following hashtags #KHIAwards2 and #TumseHiChaltaHaiSheher.

We welcome you to the KHI Awards to honor the real heroes that light this city up!

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