It’s Taurus Season! Here’s What To Expect In 2023

Taurus is symbolized by the bull, a sign of power, determination, and tenacity. And because Taurus is an earth sign, that power isn’t flighty or erratic but steady, solid, and grounded in the real world. This energy is often very practical, ready to do what needs to be done, even when that work isn’t flashy or thrilling, or attention-grabbing but rather, headstrong and hedonistic. Taurus’ springtime reign from April 20th-May 20th is one of the new beginnings of the season.

If you’re ready to slow down, rest, and indulge in all things self-care, you’re in luck because the Taurus season 2023 is finally here. Taurean energy is all about experiencing pleasure in its many nourishing forms—whether it’s sipping delicious coffee, or trying a new skincare routine, After an ambitious, goal-driven Aries season, Taurus season serves as a reminder to relax, recharge, and give yourself the time, space, and comfort you deserve.

This year, Taurus season spans from April 20 at 4:13 am ET to May 21 at 3:09 am ET—and it’s bound to be a unique time. The rare new moon solar eclipse in Aries on April 20 (yes, day *one* of Taurus season) will ignite a powerful shift, and when Mercury stations retrograde in Taurus from April 21 to May 24, you may be asked to cultivate a sense of inner stability to counteract the chaos in the cosmos. As we welcome Taurus season 2023, you’re invited to take a deep breath and permit yourself to pause.

What Can Taureans Expect This Year?

2023 is an exciting year for Taurus zodiac sign holders. As the zodiac’s second sign, Taurus zodiac sign holders have a strong sense of self and need to be surrounded by beauty and luxury. In the year 2023, this zodiac sign will be presented with many opportunities to find success and contentment in life. They will be drawn to spiritual pursuits and material comforts, making them more likely to take risks that could lead to great rewards.

The biggest challenge for Taureans in 2023 is learning how to balance their inner drive for security with their need for adventure and exploration. The zodiac’s bull symbolizes stubbornness and a tendency to cling to existing values and routines. But that doesn’t mean they can’t embrace opportunities while keeping their feet firmly on the ground. With persistence, they can learn new skills or follow a path that deviates from their usual standards while still feeling secure in the knowledge that they are ultimately looking out for themselves.

Taurus Love Horoscope 2023

In 2023, Taurus zodiacs may find themselves being presented with new opportunities for finding love. This could come in the form of an unexpected meeting or chance encounter that ignites into something passionate and meaningful. With the help of the stars, Taurus zodiacs can be sure that any romantic endeavors they embark on will have a good possibility of lasting long-term.

Taurus Career Horoscope 2023

Taurus in 2023 has a lot to offer when it comes to business. Taurus is naturally known for its practicality, reliability, and hard work as one of the zodiac signs belonging to the Earth element. In 2023, Taurus Energy will be focused on financial security, stability, and growth. Those born under this zodiac sign should use their natural affinity for money management and careful planning to find success in business ventures.

What Traits To Look Out For To Find Your Romantic Match?

Dedication to family Taureans looks for a partner who will help them create a solid home base and family. A Taurus never tires of spending time with, caring for, and talking about family and friends. A partner who is willing to invest in both activities is likely to win Taurus’s heart.

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Unwavering Morals Taureans look for friends and partners who have unwavering morals. They want people they can count on, and they want a partner that’s committed to the life and home they’ve built. Of course, it’s best if a Taurus’s romantic interest holds the same unwavering morals as they do since their bull-headedness means they don’t like to concede to another point of view.

Attentive Partners And Attentive Listeners

Taureans are verbal processors, and they enjoy talking about the beautiful things in life—art, literature, politics, family, and more. This means that Taurus’ best match must be a good listener. Someone who has the patience and attention span for sprawling conversations will make Taurus feel seen and loved. Just as a Taurus desires a partner who will listen well, they’re also looking for someone who engages them in conversation. Like most things in life, a Taurus views conversation as an art. A partner who can initiate stimulating conversations and respond thoughtfully to Taurus’s many ideas with genuine interest and curiosity will find a relationship with Taurus to be an endless wellspring of entertainment, learning, and growth.

Below, we’ll break down Taurus’ compatibility with each of the other star signs in terms of overall compatibility, compatibility for a passionate romantic relationship, friendship compatibility, and compatibility for healthy communication.

Sign Pairing Overall Compatibility Passion Friendship Romance
Taurus High High High High
Gemini Medium Medium Low Medium
Cancer High High Medium High
Leo Medium Medium Medium Low
Virgo High High High High
Libra Medium Medium High Medium
Scorpio High High High Medium
Sagittarius Low Medium Low Low
Capricorn High Medium High High
Aquarius Low Medium Low Low
Pisces High High High Medium
Aries Low Low Low Low
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