Who Is The Prank Master

Heroism is in the Pashtun’s DNA. Hence, Pukhtoon with adoration will accompany you to heaven but not even to hell with constraint. Pashtuns are born fearless and they remain firm till their last breath. Let’s have a look at their bravery after centuries in a different way.

This music video reflects a wholesome concept about the world of gamers and the pranks they do, which contains the idea of strong friends bonding and a thrill together. It also contains all the fun, energy, and pranks that youngster’s endeavor to make themselves feel joyous because they consider themselves to be unique and smarter than we know and braver than we think.

This time around you can win amazing prizes to pull off a prank on your near and dear ones! Yes, you heard it right! Free Fire is hosting an event named “Kon Hai Prank Master”. Read on to find more!

It’s high time to bring out the little meanie inside you and pull off a fun-filled prank on your friends and let’s see if they fall off it or they fall in the category of #NahiAtkayGa like the true Free Fire gamers that are unstoppable and incredibly smart in the world of gaming.

Be sure to share the laughers with us! How can you do that? You must ask! Well, the answer is simple. You can join in with only 4 steps.

Step 1: Play pranks on your friends and record them. You can copy the pranks shown in the music video https://bit.ly/35FIw7s or do your own pranks!

Step 2: Use the same music used in the video https://bit.ly/3C8QRwW

Step 3: Share your prank on your social media accounts and tag your friends. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #prankmaster #NahiAtkayGa #FreeFirePakistan & UID

Step 4: Post your submission link in the comments section of this post https://bit.ly/35FIw7s


All steps should be fulfilled to qualify for the contest

The entry should be absolutely original

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No one’s privacy should be violated in the video

Children abuse cannot be shown in the video

No one’s freedom of religion, political views, field of work, or gender can be targeted.

The winner will be selected randomly. So what’s the wait? Participate in some real exclusive rewards NOW!

Check this awesome Pashto song by Gul Panra and Fortitude Pukhtoon Core and enjoy the pranks friends play on each other in this music video.

The female singer Gul Panra (often spelled as GulPanra) is a renowned Pakistani Pashto folk singer and a well-known artist, known to many of us as Mehnaz. Her live performances have taken her to the United Kingdom and Afghanistan, and she has become famous worldwide because of her melodious and euphonious voice that melts the hearts of everyone. She represents the culture and traditions of Pushtuns through her singing, dancing and this can be distinctively judged through her exceptional work.

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