‘Cornered Tigers’ Trailer Unveils the Remarkable Journey of Pakistan’s 1992 Cricket World Cup Triumph!

The 1992 Cricket World Cup win is one for the history books for us Pakistanis, an outstanding triumph that is celebrated to the day with immense pride and joy. In honor of this amazing win, Tapmad Entertainment is soon rolling out a much-awaited docuseries, ‘Cornered Tigers’ on this incredible achievement narrated by none other than the legendary players who witnessed it all themselves and brought the silver trophy back home.

The docuseries is bound to make us step back in time and re-live the glory and passion that took over the nation at the time. It was a remarkable journey that is etched in the hearts of cricket fans young and old across the country. While the series releases on the OTT platform, Tapmad on the 13th of July, the trailer is out now!



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Let’s take a look at what the trailer for ‘Cornered Tigers: The 1992 Story’ is all about:

When Wasim Akram says, “Cricket means a lot to Pakistanis, I’d say it’s in our blood!” have their been any truer words spoken than these? We think not! The spinner is absolutely correct, the national sport may be Hockey but you’re sure to see cricket being played on the streets be it in the metropolitan cities of Karachi, Lahore or the interior villages in Sindh or Punjab.

The best part about the docuseries is getting to hear the stories from the team players themselves, the trailer for Cornered Tigers shows legends Wasim Akram, Inzimam ul Haq, Moin Khan, Javed Miandad, Ejaz Ahmed and others revealing their personal journeys, emotions and insights throughout the 1992 Cricket World Cup.



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“I started following cricket in 1992 and it gradually became a passion, passion became profession and then it became a part of my breathing process” – Shoaib Akhtar



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The captain for the 1992 Cricket World Cup was none other than the mighty ‘Kaptaan’ – Imran Khan himself. It was his formidable leadership and inspiration that united the team for an exemplary win. Here’s what ace cricketers Mushtaq Ahmed and Inzimam ul Haq have to say about him.

“Look I am using you as a striker, not the container,  whatever I am today, a lot of it comes from his mentorship.” – Mushtaq Ahmed

“1992 was the turning point in my career, even when I was not in form, my captain always encouraged me, and I think that spirit derived us to victory” – Inzimam Ul Haq

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Moin Khan relives his journey and talks about the players who were outstanding in the World Cup.

“A few players remained out-standing throughout the world cup, especially, Wasim Akram, Mushtaq Ahmed and even Aqib Javed bowled well. The anchor role was that of Javed Miadad. Out of 10 Matches he scored Seven 50’s, his energy moved us.”

“Hitting the winning six and four in the semifinal against New Zealand was an epic moment. I played patiently and was able to achieve exactly what our team needed”

Moin Khan further shed some light on the famous controversy surrounding him and Ian Botham, a dispute that erupted on the ground , “Me and Ian Botham still have our difference of opinion over a wicket, and now our dispute is part of history.”

Watching the trailer has got us excited as the docuseries has special interviews of the team and as we delve into the inner world of the players we are taken on the rollercoaster ride as they describe their journey of navigating through the unforeseen setbacks and ultimately advancing to the deadly knockout stages.

“Throughout my childhood, I was fascinated by Cricket, be it my school or ground, no day would pass without playing cricket. Little did I know one day I‘ll be part of the greatest cricket victory of Pakistan” – Ejaz Ahmed

Let the ‘Cornered Tigers’ docuseries take you to a trip down memory lane and cherish the nostalgia of Pakistan’s fantastic win in the 1992 Cricket World Cup.

Watch the trailer for ‘Cornered Tigers’ Here:


Cornered Tigers – The 1992 Story is directed by Adnan Sarwar and produced by maestro, Nina Kashif who describes the story as,

“An apolitical story, told by those who wrote it.”

She believes that the Generation Z and Alpha of Pakistan need to know how this phenomenal journey took place and who made it possible. She says, “Cornered Tigers tells the tale, by the heroes who made it possible. Unrelenting resolve, focused commitment and sturdy belief in their leadership was what Pakistan team was made of!”

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