Sugar Bear Hair Gummies: Do They Do ANYTHING They Claim To?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have to have heard of the super popular, super blue, Sugarbear hair gummies. Endorsed by  50 of the 100 kardashians that walk the earth, and a bunch of other lesser celebrities, this gummies claim to make your hair shinier, thicker, softer and longer. But how much truth is in these claims?

First things first, no level of science has been able to prove that our body absorbs extra nutrients in the form of gummies and pills. Getting said nutrients through fruit and vegetables are a safer bet, and when we say extra, we mean if you are DEFICIENT in any of them will the body maybe, possibly absorb the additional goodies.

Genetics play a major role in the condition of your hair. If you have a long line of ancestors who had thin hair, or hairfall, no matter how much money you throw at vitamins like SugarBearHair, not much is going to change.

As the name suggests, SUGARbear hair vitamins have an ,albeit small, amount of sugar in them. As Pakistanis, we probably already have more sugar on a daily basis than is good for us so taking vitamins that have sugar is probably not a good idea. Sugar is bad. That is all.

These particular hair vitamins also have trace amounts of lead. Now, lead is in a bunch of things we ingest, from water to fruits and vegetables. But those are NECESSITIES. Sugarbear is not. Avoid lead consumption people, no matter how cute the vitamin looks!

Lastly, Sugarbear Hair Vitamins are incredibly expensive. They’re not easily available in Pakistan and you probably ordered them from one of those accounts that sell imported make up, or maybe you got a relative to bring them over for you. They’re 30 dollars a bottle, which is pricey for a vitamin that has not been proven to work, has lead, has blue colouring 1 which MAY be linked to different types of cancer and has sugar. If you want to give bottled multivitamins a try, there are a ton of options available for a quarter of the price which will work or not work just as much as these cute gummies.

We’re not saying they’re poison, but SugarBear Hair Vitamins are more of a marketing gimmick than an actual multivitamin. If you have tonnes of cash to spare, we say splurge on these babies, but we can guarantee a cheaper version of the same multivitamins is easily available in the local market. Some research even suggests that all multivitamins just have the placebo effect, which means they cater to you more psychologically than physically. Your mind starts believing so strongly that the pill is going to do what the bottle claims that your willpower alone starts improving whatever the pill is said to target. Look at that! The power of the human mind

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So, instead, increase your fruit,veggie, fish and egg intake and watch your overall health improve, from the hair on your head to the nails on your toes!



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