5 Magical Home Remedies to Get Rid Of Puffy Mornings!

how to get rid of morning puffiness

There are days when you wake up with a puffy face and immediately worry about how to get it normalized. It is a normal condition when one may experience swelling on the face. It can be due to getting too much or too little sleep at night. Puffiness on the face can also be due to a reaction to some makeup products. Moreover, eating sodium-rich foods at night can also cause the face to be puffier in the morning. Here are a few ways to fix the puffy face and get back to normal!

morning Puffiness

Cold water

Wash your face with cold water upon waking up. Splashing the face with cold water or using a towel for cold presses can also help to reduce puffiness on the face.

get rid of puffy face

Salty foods

One of the common reasons for experiencing puffiness and swelling on the face in the morning is the intake of salty and processed foods at night. Avoid consuming such foods and the puffiness will not appear again.

salty food


Moving your body a little will get your heart to pump more blood, facilitating blood circulation in all parts of the world including the face. Try a morning jog or a brief yoga session which will reduce puffiness. It will also make you feel fresher and less bloated.

morning exercise

Creams and masks

A wide range of creams and masks are available that reduce puffiness on the face. However, the products must be selected carefully as facial skin is sensitive and can cause allergies.

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morning skincare routine

Jade Rollers

Jade roller can be used in the morning to facilitate circulation. It also helps to drain lymphatic fluid resulting in loss of puffiness. Jade rollers are used regularly by some to avoid puffiness in the morning.

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Do I need to see a doctor?

Puffiness on the face is common in the morning which usually fades away with these instant home remedies. However, if puffiness persists more than usual, one must get it checked to avoid any confusion.

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