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We are all familiar with the enchantment of artificial lashes; they instantly open up your eyes and make them appear larger and sexier. However, as most of us have discovered to our dismay, not all lashes will fit you. While perfect lashes will make you feel gorgeous, they not only continually improve the appearance of your eyes but make you exceptionally attractive. Indeed, it is what inspired us to create fake lashes; there just weren’t enough options, and we wanted everyone to be able to discover the pair that best frames their eyes. Therefore, it can be extremely complicated to determine the most acceptable type, here is our advice to select the perfect pair of falsies for your eye shape, whether it is round, hooded, deep-set, almond, or monolid.

How To Choose The Most Appropriate False Eyelashes For Your Eye Shape

Understanding your eye form will assist you in selecting the most delicate makeup for your face, but how do we define our eye shape? Utilize a mirror to examine the entire eye and its profile.

  • Is the entire iris visible, or does the lid conceal a portion of it?
  • Consider whether your eyes slant upward at the sides and how much room there is in the middle between them.
  • Finally, examine the crease of your eyelid and determine whether it is evident while your eyes are open.

Knowing your eye shape is only the beginning; the next step is to choose your fake lashes. Choosing the perfect lashes can be difficult with an ever-growing selection of falsies. Is it better to prioritize volume over length? Will synthetic lashes appear natural? These are the concerns of the populace.

Follow these principles to avoid a false lash fail, and you’ll be fluttering a fuller-looking lash in no time.

Natural-Looking Lash Extensions:

Rivaj HD Flicker Eye Lashes –provide a 3D dimensional look for perfect natural charisma. You can get up to 25 uses out of each pair of their lashes, so you don’t have to buy a lot of lashes, and they don’t test any of their goods on animals. These are the things you would love about their premium lashes. The mink lash industry is seeing a boom, and these new eyelashes are supposed to fill the hole left by mink lashes.

Using Lashes to Create a Dramatic Look:

The Charismatic Eye Lashes – Rivaj HD is an excellent option for novices since it provides a little drama without going overboard. If you’re concerned about how many lashes you’ll wear, this is the perfect pair. These lashes have delicate bands. Unlike other eyelashes, these are incredibly easy to apply and extremely comfy to wear. You can prioritize your look with these! To achieve a casual but fashionable look, these medium-length/volume lashes are a perfect choice.

Almond Eyes False Lashes

Angelic Eye Lashes – Rivaj HD is for Almond eyes have a narrower center where the iris curve is obscured by the upper and lower lids, giving them their name. As with an oval face, most lash styles flatter almond-shaped eyes. With full lashes that are equally spread, you can show off the contour of your eyes with this perfect lash pair. Lightweight lashes are perfect combo for eyes if you are planning to go out, attend parties, or weddings.


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False Lash Extensions for Hooded or Small Eyes

The phrase hooded refers to how the fold of the eyelid conceals a portion of the lid when your eyes are open, preventing the entire lid from being visible. With hooded and small eyes, the goal is to widen the pupil as much as feasible. Dramatic, long, and thick lashes can frequently appear overly heavy and distort the appearance of your eyes. Rather than that, go for shorter, more natural-looking lashes. These Rivaj HD precise lashes are slightly longer in the center so that can assist to create the appearance of depth.

False Lash Extensions for Wide-Set Eyes

If your eyes are a little further back beneath your brow bone, you’re fortunate because your lashes may add all the drama. Rivaj HD Peaceable lashes set of long, curled lashes will enlarge and open up your eyes. Curl them gently to assist in opening the eye.


Finally, once you’ve discovered the perfect 3D dimensional lashes for your eye shape, you must cut them to fit your eye. Rivaj-HD False lash bands are designed to fit a wide range of eye shapes and sizes. Once the best lash extensions are in place, you will look stunning. Your eyelashes will be voluptuous, and an extremely next-level game-changer for outstanding, eye-catchy results!

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