Here’s How You Can Retrain Your Hair to Be Less Oily

We bet you’ve heard it before – you are only supposed to wash your hair once or twice a week. But what can you do if your hair simply does not comply. We know how difficult it is to have oily hair – which makes it difficult to go by a day without washing them. But we’ve got great news for you. You can retrain your hair to be less oily. Here’s how:

Why is washing your hair too often bad for you? Shampooing it too often strips your hair of its natural oils and dry out your scalps leading it to produce oils even more. That’s what leads to greasy, grimy hair. Because of this, most people are misled into washing their hair even more frequently, resulting in a vicious cycle of hair that’s either too clean or too dirty. One solution is – you can go between shampoos by simply using water to rinse your hair or using dry shampoo when you can no longer stand your oily hair.

Since you’re stuck in quarantine – it’s the best time to extend the days between your shampooing. Only after a few weeks of less washing, your hair will likely start to look and feel healthier, and you’ll probably notice more body and shine. A cherry on top is that if you have dyed hair or have highlights, the color will last longer, which in turns saves you (and your wallet) a few trips to the salon. Plus, you’ll take shorter showers on most days and waste less water in the long run. It’s pretty much a win-win-win situation.

If you’re inspired to lather up less these days, below we’ve rounded up all of the steps to help you train your hair to be less oily. We’ve also rounded up our go-to products to help you start washing your hair less often.

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Hair experts say that you can and should use a deep cleanse shampoo (with charcoal) to deep cleanse your scalp. However, remember to not overdo it. Once a week should be fine. And for those days that you think you simply can’t deal, use a dry shampoo or opt for an updo – due to the oils in your hair, the updo will stick. It will not only stay in place but will also hide the oils in your hair.

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