Here’s How to Turn Broken/Unused Eyeshadow into Nail Polish

Did you know you can create your own nail polish colour out of eye shadow? It’s true! When you don’t want to splurge on a new polish, or can’t find that perfect shade you want – just break out your old shadows (if they’re cracked or broken, that’s even better! Coloured pigments work too) and re-purpose them for your fingertips. Moerover, it’s best to use expired eyeshadows that have a chance of irritating your skin, but will work perfectly on your fingernails.

You can mix colors to achieve the exact shade you want—perfect when creating complex, intricate designs or effects. Plus, you know no one else in the world will be wearing your one-of-a-kind color. But the best part? The process takes less than 10 minutes! Keep reading as we walk you through this simple DIY project.

Here’s what you need:

  1. 1 eye shadow (mineral is preferred because of its finer pigment texture)
  2. 1 clear nail polish
  3. 1 small mixing bowl (a disposable paper cup works too)


1.Scrape the eyeshadow out of its metal pan. Make sure to finely crush the eyeshadow into powder.

2.Pour all the eyeshadow powder into a clear nail polish. You can use the one that you already have or get a new clear polish for very cheap at the drugstore. To prevent making a mess, you can make a small cone out of paper and use it as a funnel to pour the eyeshadow.

3.Once the powder is inside the clear nail polish, shake it well. Voila, your custom nail polish is READY!

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#ProTip: The eyeshadow powder tends to sit at the bottom of the nail polish bottle after a while so make sure to give it a good shake before every use.


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