Do You Know What Goes into Your Fairness Creams? It Could be Damaging Your Health!

One of the biggest plagues in our society is the rampant racism that stems from our dislike for “kala rang“. Words like “kaali and kaala” are used so commonly, and so easily, that one never stops to think of how beautiful all skin tones truly are. It not only lowers self esteem, shatters people’s confidence, but also helps some businesses make a quick buck off of your insecurities. Skin whitening creams make millions off of people’s insecurities, and some, even at the expense of your health. Did you know that some of the ingredients in your whitening creams could actually be damaging your health?

Do they work?

The simple answer is NO. Even if they have temporary effects, those won’t last because there is nothing that can change the tone of your skin. Accept it and learn to love it. You’re beautiful just the way you are! In fact, did you know, that the greater the temporary effects of the cream, the more harmful it is for you?

What goes into your fairness creams & why is it harmful for you?


Most of the skin lightning creams contain corticosteroids. Now you might think “so what”? But these compounds are harmful for your skin. Their misuse in cosmetic products can lead to thinning of your skin as well as increased growth of facial hair.


The usage of mercury helps prevent melanin formation in skin which allows it to look fairer. That’s why to the average user, it looks like the fairness creams are “working”. Howeverm it’s a dangerous substance and it’s usage can cause scarring and skin rashes. Long term use can even damage your kidneys and brain (researched by World Health Organisation).

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Lead is a poisonous heavy metal which can cause a variety of side effects. From muscle aches to memory loss and even terrible headaches, but sometimes even more serious side effects like infertility. Usage during pregnancy can even cause severe complications that can also lead to miscarriages.

Do you really think using a fairness cream to get a lighter complexion is still worth the risk? We think not!


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