Bobbi Brown Possibly Restricts the Art of Make Up

Bobbi Brown, the make up mogul who owns her own cosmetics empire, has distilled some wise words into the general public through Master Class online, which is a service that allows you to be taught by some of the biggest names in the industries of all fields, in the comfort of your own home.

Bobbi Brown is teaching the art of Make up, and while the whole class costs about 90 dollars, which we sure as hell can’t afford, we still got a glimpse of her wisdom through the preview of her class. Watch:

The maestro speaks about how NOT to do a smokey eye, her make up philosophy being quick and natural, and the essentials of a make up bag, but what stood out the most to us were these words:

We love how she’s teaching her audiences to accept themselves as they are, which in itself is beautiful, and how beauty standards need to change. And one thing us Pakistani’s need to heed from her words is that FOUNDATION IS NOT SUPPOSED TO CHANGE YOUR SKIN COLOUR. Ladies, please, brown is beautiful, no matter how karak your chai tones are, stop trying to be Caucasian!

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But we also feel like Bobbi got it wrong when she puts restrictions on over lining your lips or contouring your nose. We get it, she’s been in the industry since FOREVER and has all the experience in the world, but if a girl wants to go all out on her face and contour her nose and make her lips seem plumper, she should! It’s her face, and make up is supposed to be fun, it’s an art, since when does art have or need rules?

Whether you like no make up at all, or natural make up, or want to be a full glamazon with false lashes and a contour that would put the Kardashians to shame, that’s your call. Do what makes you happy and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, no matter how many companies they may own. YOU DO YOU!

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