This Mint Margherita Recipe Will Keep You Cool All Summer Long

The ever extending lockdown means you still can’t hit your favourite food spots, which means you can’t get your weekly, daily, hourly (whatever floats your boat) Mint Margherita fix. But worry not, because this tried and tested recipe will satiate all your cravings. Here’s what you will need:


The juice of 10-12 lemons

A fistful of mint leaves

A full tray of ice cubes


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Pour the lemon juice, mint leaves and ice cubes into a blender and blend until a slushy like consistency is reached. You can make it as sour as you want or as icy as you want by adding more juice or ice respectively. Pour the mixture into a jug, or individual glasses until it’s half full. Top it off with some chilled 7-up or Sprite and enjoy this cool, refreshingly icy drink and pretend you’re in your fave restaurant!


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