The State Bank of Pakistan Directs Banks to Provide Disinfected, Clean Cash Only

As well as know, cash runs through a lot of hands and it i s notoriously covered in germs; studies suggest that paper bills can contain bacteria and viruses, plus lead to the spread of disease. The lifespan of various bills ranges 4 to 15 years, meaning your bills have a lot of time to accumulate germs.

And in China, banks began disinfecting cash with ultraviolet or heat treatments in February to prevent the further spread of the virus. Following suits, the State Bank of Pakistan has directed banks to only circulate clean, disinfected cash to contain the spread of the virus. It also went one step further to quarantine the cash collected from hospitals.

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The State Bank of Pakistan has also instructed asking for ATMs to remain functional at all times to ensure that the citizens do not face any difficulties in receiving cash.

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