Sharmila Faruqi Proves She’s a Great Sport After Accidentally Turning Chicken Into Fish

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Politician, Sharmila Farooqi went viral on social media for a well intended cooking tutorial that went slightly and hilariously awry:

I’m taking one chicken fillet because I’m just making it for myself. I’ve taken the chicken fillet and cut off its tail, divided it into two pieces. This is red snapper, it’s a white fish, very tasty and we’re going to garnish it first,” she said.

Naturally, the tutorial went viral with people either amused or slightly concerned. Twitter went wild with people questioning how somebody who held office in the government couldn’t even distinguish between chicken and fish, to people laughing it off and saying only Sharmila Farooqi could turn a Fish into a Chicken:

Faruqi, however, has been a good sport and laughed off the whole ordeal. She went on to say she’s glad she could be a source of laughter for people in such uncertain times:

Let’s all take a page out of Sharmila’s book and learn to laugh at ourselves!

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