Seeing Double: Is this Iqra Aziz’s Dopplegänger?

Celebrity dopplegangers are all the rage – with us discovering twins of Hamza Ali Abbasi, Mehwish Hayat and now, Iqra Aziz. And we just want to know “Is there a secret celebrity cloning facility out there somewhere?”

Iqra is already the nation’s sweetheart – with her fun loving, bubbly personality – so two of her is surely a treat!

A Pakistani on Twitter was scrolling through the feed and came across – what she thought was a video of Iqra Aziz in a car. After her initial shock was over – she realised that the girl was in fact, someone with an uncanny resemblance to Iqra Aziz, and not Iqra herself.

Who is this lookalike?

Nour is a Lebanese architect who we must say – looks exactly like our favourite, Iqra Aziz from a few angles. The video that caught everyone’s attention is that of Nour driving around with her fiance, in their first post-quarantine drive. This is the video:

People have already started tagging Iqra under Nour’s posts however Iqra has not acknowledged her resemblance to this doppleganger yet. On the other hand, Nour not only noticed the comments – but also immediately searched for Iqra Aziz on Google to see who she was. Nour replied to comment with:

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“I googled her and wow she’s gorgeous, thank you so much for the comparison, you’re too sweet.”

She also added ““My fiancé was almost convinced that I’m leading a secret double life after he saw Iqra’s photos, he’s still in shock.”

We can’t wait to see what Iqra thinks of this – and if she too, like several people on the Internet, can see the resemblance.

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