Safe Tea First: Over 20 Pakistani Artists Compile Their Art Animations About Enjoying Tea in Isolation

The isolation brought on by the pandemic is weighing heavy on everyone and as the days progress everyone tries to find things to occupy the time. Artists are creative creatures by nature and as the pandemic has the country in its grasp the Pakistani artist community came together to collaborate over Twitter. After the No Rush challenge they came up with ‘Safe Tea First’. A compilation of animations by around 20 creators showing the love for tea and the comfort that it brings during the isolation.

“What happens when 20+ chai addicted artists join hands to spread awareness for social distancing? A collaboration with a brilliant bunch of Pakistani Artist,” artist Umair Najeeb tweeted posting a two minute video of multiple illustrators and artists.

Incorporating animes like Attack on Titan, Wes Anderson films and cult classic cartoons like the Power Puff Girls, the collab brought out the unique love that each artist has for their favourite caffeinated beverage, with each artist also adding their personal isolation twist to their work.

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