Saba Qamar Talks About Mental Health & Our Mistreatment of Each Other in Her New Video

The very talented Saba Qamar has never been on to shy away from the realities of life. Whether it’s her personal or professional life, the actress has always been very outspoken and honest of all the struggles she has faced during her career.

Following the death of Bollywood star Sushant Singh Rajput, Qamar is addressing mental health, depression, and our treatment of each other in a new video released to her Youtube channel:

‘Aur kitni jaanein leingay?’, asks the video. ‘Akhir kab hum insaan ko insaan samjheinge?’, the actress continues. ‘Kabhi socha hai, aik fikra, aik jumla, aik troll kisi ki zindagi tabah karsakta hai?’

The video sheds a light on mental health and the power of words, whether they’re directed at someone’s physical attributes, personality, reputation, marital status and how your words can make someone’s life a living hell.

‘Why don’t we take mental illness seriously? We call them psychos, malang, pagal. Why don’t we try to help them?’

Qamar also asks for us to teach our children love and kindness, and not sow seeds of hate in their hearts from the very beginning.

The video ends with the heavy questions. “Aur kitni jaanein lo ge?Kab samjhoge?”

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The video is being well received by fans, who are commending the actress on her representation of depression and mental illness:

It’s about time we normalise the conversation surrounding mental health and depression. And don’t forget; Always be kind.

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