Renown News Channel Mistakenly Announces Death of British Prime Minister from Coronavirus

Our news channels are really on a role these days.

Amidst the continuous coverage of the worsening COVID-19 situation in Pakistan, a certain news channel has added fuel to the corona fire pandemic by mistakenly running a ticker, announcing the death of British PM Boris Johnson.

He is very much alive.

Boris Johnson, who tested positive for Coronavirus, was shifted to the ICU of St. Thomas Hospital, London on Monday night as his symptoms continued to worse.

While the PM’s deteriorating condition is not the best of news, it’s certainly better than declaring him dead and exposing the masses to an additional dose of bad news and reason to panic.

Previously, a different news channel mistook the french word ‘Merci’ flashing on the Eiffel tower as ‘Mercy’, and an entire news story of Parisians asking God for mercy was aired. In reality, the ‘Merci’ was a gesture to show thanks to the medical professionals around France and the world, fighting valiantly against COVID-19.

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Do better ALL News Channels.


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