Reham Khan, Once Again, Mocks Imran Khan for Pakistan’s Petrol Shortage

Despite being married to the current PM, it’s no secret that Reham Khan is no fan of Imran Khan. She continues to prove this by consistently commenting on every step taken by the PM, which she has done once more in regards to the current petrol shortage Pakistan is facing:

“History will remember the selected person in Pakistan who created a shortage of petrol at a time when the world was running out of places to store it,” she tweeted.

Sameer Najmul Hassan, chairman of All Pakistan Petroleum Retailers Association (APPRA), said oil companies will likely run out of their oil stocks in the next three days.

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He added that a new quota of petroleum products is not being purchased due to a consistent decrease in the oil companies’ quota. No company other than the Pakistan State Oil (PSO) is purchasing oil at present, the APPRA chairman said.

Pakistan previously imported 70 percent of it’s crude oil from Saudi Arabia and the remaining from the UAE, but in an unprecedented move the government canceled import of gasoline, diesel and crude oil to support the domestic refining industry as energy demand sharply declined amid countrywide lockdowns.

Rehman Khan isn’t the only one who continues to criticise Imran Khan for his leadership in these times, as majority of the public is unhappy with the way the PM has handled the pandemic.

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