Saifullah to the Rescue!

Saifullah Kashmiri, a 42 year old motorcyclist, is on a one man mission to clean up Pakistan.
A father of two from Samaani, Azaad Kashmir, Saifullah began his initiative after being heart broken seeing his favourite spots littered and trees being cut down , “ It really hurt me to see my country this way.”
He finances his travels with his earnings from his tour guide business, Asia Tourism AJK, and has chosen his motorcycle as a means of travel in order to be more cost efficient. With him he carries a foldable bed, gloves, some clothes and bags for the garbage collection process.
 Travelling from Khunjerab to Gwadar on his bike, he hopes to initiate clean up drives at every location on his way. Saifullah has gained popularity not just with the locals of the cities he visits, but with everyone all over Pakistan. One twitter user even suggests he should be made ambassador for the Ministry of Climate Change , and we couldnt agree more! You go Saifullah!
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