Peaks of Himalayas Are Visible from Parts of India After Decades Due to Drop in Pollution

People in the city of Jhalandar and surrounding areas in India are in a state of awe after witnessing the sight of the Himalayas clearly from more than a 100 miles away due to the drop in pollution amidst the lockdown.
People are taking to social media to post pictures of the peaks that they haven’t seen in decades, some say, even as long as 30 years:
“For the first time in almost 30 years (I) could clearly see the Himalayas due to India’s lockdown clearing air pollution. Just amazing,” Manjit Kang wrote.

Looks like nature is finally healing itself.
While the famous mountain range is more visible than in recent memory, it is also more deserted than ever before.
Many of its mountains have been closed to climbers for nearly a month, with both the Nepalese and Chinese sides of Mount Everest shutting down in early March.
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