One Reason Why You NEED to See “Pyaar k Sadqay” If You Don’t Already!

We’re always on the lookout for some good shows to watch on TV. We came across this incredibly mix of great acting and okay-ish story line. Understandably so, the topic addresses the issue of sexual harassment and unwanted sexual advances from someone close in the family (in this case, the father in law). However, we do feel like the story line has been mishandled a little.

The reaction of Abdullah after Mahjabeen tells him of his father’s unwanted sexual advances – was where they could have changed the age old “I don’t believe you” reaction to when a victim of harassment comes forward. However, the director chose to spin the story line in a whole other direction – making it just another show about a love triangle and “the other woman”.

Nevertheless, we still suggest you watch the show. Why? Simply because of Yumna Zaidi. Her unbelievably realistic acting makes us feel so much love for the character (Mahjabeen) that you simply can’t help but continue to watch the show every Thursday, even if you disagree with the story line.

In yesterday’s episode, Mahjabeen’s father, Munshi sahab, passed away. There was no “no rona dhona” or hysterical crying, but has such an unbelievably spell binding performance that is bound to bring tears to your eyes. The way that Yumna Zaidi communicates the pain of the loss of a father through her performance is such a beautifully executed scene that you’ll be wanting to give her an Oscar simply for this scene.

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Even though we’re not a fan of the story line – we’re a HUGE fan of Yumna’s acting. She and she alone, make this show a must-watch!


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