Microplastic In Doodh Patti? Here’s What You Should Know!

microplastic in dodh patti

We all are a fan of doodh patti and that too from a road side hotel, aren’t we? A recent study has been conducted by WWF Pakistan on doodh patti made at these local hotels that we immediately hurry towards!

WWF Pakistan conducted a study on the hotels in Karachi and found out that the doodh patti made in these local hotels consists of minor pieces of microplastic. These little pieces are tiny to be seen and are usually found in air, water, and even vegetables. The most common reason to spot these minute pieces in your cup of tea is the low-quality tea leaves used in tea. It is increasingly concerning for the people who consume this every day as one cup of tea is likely to contain approximately 100 – 1200 pieces of microplastic. WWF Pakistan has concluded in their research that consuming microplastics every day is no less than a poison that is accumulating in the human body!

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