Mehwish Hayat Associated Wrong Poem to Allama Iqbal & the Twitteratis Have A Lot to Say

Mehwish Hayat, Pakistan’s Tamgha-e-Imtiaz recipient, has been taking to her social media accounts to post inspirational quotes and throwback pictures. However, recently she shared an inspirational poem which she credited to Allama Iqbal. However, it wasn’t actually Iqbal’s poem but in fact Muhammad Ismail’s work.

This simple act of trusting what’s on the internet, like we’ve all done at some point or the other, landed her in fire as the keyboard warriors came at her for falling victim to false news and information on the internet.

However, in the picture, the actress could be seen smelling the fragrance of flowers in her hands with closed eyes. The beauty of the picture lies in the fact that you can almost smell the flowers too.

And even though there are many that simply appreciated the quote and gave her much love for the beautiful picture – there were also those that began criticising her.

However, we give her credit for accepting her mistake and clarifying on social media. Mehwish is also using her social media platform to create awareness amongst people about the novel coronavirus, which is extremely important in today’s uncertain times.

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