Meet Mohammad Waqas – a Pakistani Carpenter in Saudi Arabia Who Became a Model

Fairy tales are firmly in the realm of fantasy and happily ever after rarely; if ever comes true for the pauper. Though once in a while the pauper does get a chance at being prince charming, one such story is of Muhammed Waqas, a 24 year old Pakistani, working as a carpenter in Saudi Arabia for the last 4 years. Who was offered a modeling contract after going viral over Twitter.

“I came to Saudi Arabia four years ago to work as a carpenter. And, I never thought of becoming a model in advertising,” Waqas said talking about his story.

“One day I saw my friend [Faisal] editing the photos of a photo session. I told him that since childhood I have wanted to work in this field but in Pakistan, I did not get the chance, so my friend suggested and took a picture of me and sent it to the relevant person,” he added.

“On July 1st user @tamimi1_1 posted a screen grab with Waqas’s pictures. In the tweet, which got around 33,000 likes, user @tamimi1_1 asked agencies looking for models to get in contact with him.”

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The instant exposure brought multiple modeling opportunities for Waqas, who’s right now working with a Saudi Arabia based vest making company.

The aspiring model has become an overnight sensation updating his social media accounts with behind the scenes pictures from the shoots that he’s working on. He has amassed 19,300 followers on Twitter already.

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